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Love Can Build A Bridge - the Judds
This mother/daughter duo sing about one of the great benefits of love. Yes, love makes you feel good. However, it can also build bridges between people that were once far apart.
Love is a Beautiful Thing - Phil Vassar
This piano song by country singer Phil Vassar describes the wedding day. All the people involve are named. These include the preacher and family. It talks about how weddings prove what beauty there is in the whole wedding tradition.
Love Me Tender - Elvis Presley
It doesn't take much for a man to act tough. However, it requires a real man to show his soft side. Elvis sings one of his greatest ballads by asking that his girl be tender with him. He also pledges eternal love.
Love of my life - Brian McKnight
Brian McKnight sings this mid-tempo song in a high voice. He sings of his devotion to his girl. "Every day is my lucky day," he gushes. When you find a love like that, you may want to play the lottery. With it, you're a winner.
Love Will Keep Us Alive - Eagles
Timothy B. Schmidt, who doesn't normally sing lead in The Eagles, vocalizes this one. It's one of the songs The Eagles recorded when they made their big comeback. It's a quiet, meditative song about the sustaining power of love.
Love Without End - Randy Travis
Every partner wants to know that love is not just a temporary arrangement. Randy Travis speaks of everlasting love on this country song. It's a love without end. And just to put a bow on it, he ends with the word "amen," as though this were a sort of prayer.
Love Without End, Amen - George Strait
George Strait sings this song about love. It's about the people that always love those important people in their lives. For instance, a father's love doesn't ever come to an end. Even if a son or daughter disobeys, parents still love them.
Loving You- Elvis Presley
Elvis is one of the sexiest singers of all time. This slow one, with its warm backing vocals, is for those quiet moments of expression. Elvis takes his time, making sure the one he's singing to knows exactly how much he loves them.
Lullabye (Goodnight my Angel) - Billy Joel
This is a goodnight song. It finds the singer with so many things to say, but so little time to say them. If he could, he'd list them all. But if he did so during this piano ballad, his 'angel' would never get to sleep at night.
Made To Love Ya - Gerald Levert
This man's whole being was made to love his girl. If you don't believe him, he lists nearly all of his body parts during this song. It's a finger-snapping percussion song, with Temptations-like backing vocals. Levert sings it with full-on passion.
Madi's Song- George Canyon
George Canyon sings about being "just an ordinary guy." No, he can't stop bullets like Superman. But he can give his life, his ordinary life, to his daughter. And that should be more than enough for any little girl. It's a country ballad, which features some nice dobro work.
Mandy - Barry Manilow
Back in the '70s, Barry Manilow was the love ballad king. This was his first big hit, however. In it, Mandy kissed him and stopped him from shaking. In other words, she came to his rescue.
Me and My Shadow - Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr.
You can't get much closer to a person than being their shadow. This light song and dance song speaks of closeness in a sweet way. Two main members of the Rat Pack sang it together.
Memories- Elvis Presley
Elvis sings about all the good times with his love during this song. It's a slow song, which finds Elvis looking back over the years. He picks out all the highlights of a life together.
Memories are Made of This- Dean Martin
Dean Martin always sounds so relaxed when he sings. This look back at the good times talks about all the great times that add up to memories. Events like kisses stick with a guy. They sure stuck with this guy.
Michelle- The Beatles
The Beatles matured greatly from singing innocent romantic songs, to expressing deep, adult love. This song not only expresses love, but it does so sometimes in French. They were bilinguel lovers, as well.
Midnight Lullaby- Tom Waits
Tom Waits comes off like an old jazzer on this song. He sings over piano while an empathetic jazz trumpet plays. It's a boozy, late night song. That's like a lot of Tom Waits songs, come to think of it.
Mike McLaughlin- Stepfather of the Bride
We live in a world of blended families. This song speaks of an awkward situation where this guy plays the role of father of the bride because the girl's biological father is not there. This is probably not as unusual as it used to be, sadly.
Misty - Johnny Mathis
With lines like, "Walk may way, and a thousand violins begin to play," this is obviously an ultra romantic song. Johnny Mathis has that smooth romantic voice, too, which only makes it better. Love can do physical things to a person. It can even make them feel all misty.
Moon River - Andy Williams
Although Audrey Hepburn sang this in Breakfast At Tiffany's, Andy Williams version of it is beautiful. The song's lyric talks about two people swimming against the tide of popular opinion. Others may not understand them, but they know they love each other.
Moonlight Serenade - Glenn Miller
This is an old big band song. It has a sweet, soft melody. It's great for a slow dance. It pleases the old folks that remember it, and is recognizable to even the young ones.
More than a feeling- Boston
Boston was a big band in the '70s. This song has one of those big, AOR rock arrangements. It's highlighted by harmonizing lead guitar lines. Love is, indeed, more than a feeling. It's a commitment, too, which is what this song says in so many words.
Music of my Heart - Gloria Estefan and N'Sync
What happens when you put a boy band with a Latin superstar? Well, this smooth ballad happens, that's what. Love is like the heart's music. The song's lyric lists all the things a partner has taught their love.
My Baby You - Marc Anthony
You are the reason I could fly," Marc Anthony sings in this ballad. It's a slow, soulful song. It builds to a big climax. Anthony sings it like a true soul man.
My Cherie Amour- Stevie Wonder
Stevie Wonder's a lot of things. He was a soulful, childlike Ray Charles back during his early days. With this song, with its French lyrics, is a swaying mature love song.
My Dad - Paul Petersen
This song made its mark on TV. It was performed on the Donna Reed Show. It was also in black & white. It's about the love that a son has for his father. It's sweet and warm.
My Father - Nina Simone
Nina Simone just has a way with a meditative lyric. She sings this song about her father, which gives great detail, such as that he was from Ohio. It's a pretty tune, where the strings give it a full-bodied arrangement.
My Father's Eyes- Amy Grant
Children love and respect their parents, always want to see a little of their folks' characteristic in themselves. However, Amy Grant grew up as a Christian singer. So when she sings about wanting to have her Father's eyes, she's not speaking of her Earthly dad. Instead, she wants her Heavenly Father's eyes.
My Father's Eyes - Eric Clapton
It's been said that we live through our children. Clapton tells us in this song that he knows his father when he gazes into his song's eyes. Ironically, Clapton never really knew his own father, and believed for a long time that the grandparents that raised him were his biological parents.
My Funny Valentine- Carly Simon
Carly Simon gives this Rodgers and Hart song the female treatment. Taken from the musical Babes in Arms, it describes a loved one. This loved one is like a living valentine.
My Funny Valentine - Frank Sinatra
When Frank Sinatra sings this song, he's like a father figure. The way he pauses in unusual spots, like the great singer he is. The track is given the full orchestral arrangement. "Don't change your hair for me/Not if you care for me," he sings, like a truly devoted lover.
My Girl- The Temptations
The best girls can give you sunshine, even on a cloudy day. That's what the my girl in this song does. It's The Temptations, one of the best male vocal groups of all time. It's one of the songs that made Motown so great.
My Heart Will Go On - Celine Dion
This ballad has a Celtic arrangement. It's slow and thoughtful. It tells of the determination to keep moving on, in the face of trouble and pain.
My Hero- Foo Fighters
This song praises the heroic. Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. This mid-tempo rocker tells of just such a hero that saves the day. "There goes my hero/Watch him as he goes.
My Little Girl - Tim McGraw
This is a song about saying goodbye to a daughter. Although she grows up to be a woman, she will always be his little girl. It's a country ballad that takes time to tell a girl she's loved by daddy.
My One True Friend - Bette Midler
We make many different friends throughout our lives. Some stick close, some fade away. This song is about one that stuck close. This is that one close, lifetime friend. It's a pretty Bette Midler ballad.
My special angel- Bobby Helms
Angels are messengers from heaven. In this oldie, Bobby Helms speaks of an angelic girl. She's brought him love from heaven. It's a message he's gladly received.
My Wish- Rascal Flatts
My Wish" by Rascal Flatts is a kind of prayer. They sing about hoping the best for a person. It's kind of like Bob Dylan's "Forever Young." "I hope you know somebody loves you," they ad as an important reminder.
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