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Say Once More - Amy Grant - This song can be a worship song to God. "I wish I knew more of you," Amy Grant sings. It could also be a love song. We all wish we new out beloved ones better.2007
Christian & Gospel
4:57 minutesFrom the Album Lead Me On
Scarlett Ribbons - Kingston Trio - Kingston Trio sing this song about a child's prayer. A man happens upon her child in prayer. All she's praying for are scarlet ribbons for her hair. Ah, she doesn't ask for much.2010Pop
2:29 minutesFrom the Album Jo Stafford Fifty Favourites (Jo Strafford Version)
Secret Garden- Bruce Springsteen - This secret garden is the hidden place where a woman hides. It's that place where men want to get to. Not for anything sexual, but to get to know the real girl. Bruce Springsteen sings it with true tenderness.1995Classic Rock
Hard Rock & Metal
4:26 minutesFrom the Album Greatest Hits
She - Elvis Costello - Elvis Costello recorded this song for the Notting Hill soundtrack. This finds Costello in his jazz crooner voice. It has a pretty, piano jazz arrangement. It's all about a special girl.2012Pop
3:07 minutesFrom the Album In Motion Pictures
She Walks With Me- Michael W. Smith - Michael W. Smith sings this love song to his daughter. It has a slight beat, with plenty of piano. "She walks with me/And she talks with me," he sings. He's just enjoying those special moments together.1999Christian/Gospel3;42 minutesThis Is Your Time
She's In Love with the Boy - Trisha Yearwood - This country song talks about a girl that loves her boy. He may not be the one her daddy would choose. However, she loves him. She knows they'll make it together.2007Country
4:05 minutesFrom the Album Greatest Hits
She's Leaving Home- The Beatles - The Beatles sing about a girl that's leaving home. It's a hard day for parents to face that empty nest. However, bird grow up and leave the nest. So too do little girls.1967Baroque pop, classical3:35 MinutesSGT Pepper Album
Shining Star- Manhattans - "You are my shining star," the Manhattans sing. In other words, she's the brightness in his life. It's an old school soul song. He knows he has a good thing, and he won't let it go.1989R&B4:40 minutesFrom the Album Greatest Hits
Should Have Never Let You Go- Neil Sedaka - Hit singer/songwriter Neil Sedaka sang this single with his daughter. His daughter, Dara Sedaka sings it quite well. It's a special thing when a father and daughter can sing together.2007Pop
4:18 minutesFrom the Album The Definitive Collection
Shower The People - James Taylor - Many times, friends just assume they love each other. However, love is an active word. That means you should show love. James Taylor reminds us all to shower the ones they love with love.1977Classic Rock
4:31 minutesFrom the Album Greatest Hits
Sister Christian - Night Ranger - This is a rock ballad about a good girl. It's tough for a good girl to make it in a world where boys want the bad girls that are willing to give out. It's a nice, rare song about a rare kind of girl.1987Rock
5:03 minutesFrom the Album Midnight Madness
Smiling Face - James Taylor - When someone smiles at us, we want t smile, too. It's a natural reaction. With this upbeat James Taylor song, he sings about this reaction. When she smiles, he smiles too.1999Rock
2:45From the Album Pop Music: The Modern Era 1976-1999
Someone to Watch Over Me - Rod Stewart - A big part of love is watching out for one another. In this song, Rod Stewart is looking for someone to do more than merely share romantic moments. He's looking for someone that's got his back.1926Jazz4:00 minutes As Time Goes By: The Great American Songbook 2(2003)
Something In The Way You Look Tonight - Elton John - 1997 Pop
3:59"Candle in the Wind 1997"
Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Judy Garland - As much as this song has been recorded, nobody will every sing it better than Judy Garland sang it in Wizard Of Oz. Her character literally went over the rainbow. At least she did in her dreams.1939Jazz
2:46 minutesFrom the Album The Wizard of Oz Soundtrack (Remastered)
From the Album Easy to Love

Song For Dad - Keith Urban - Don't make fun of the way your dad acts because you will likely pick up some of his traits. Keith Urban learns this when he thinks about his dad. He also hopes he can be the same good dad his dad was. That's a big challenge.2002Country
3:56 minutesFrom the Album Golden Road
Songbird- Eva Cassidy - Eva Cassidy sings this song like an acoustic jazz song. Her vocals are soulful, but the arrangement is sparse. She emotes in a breathy, sincere way. She is the songbird.1998Rock
3:43 minutesFrom the Album Songbird
Spanish Eyes - Engelbert Humperdink - They eyes have it. Eyes are the windows to the soul. In this song, Engelbert Humperdink is smitten by a girl, a Spanish girl, with great eyes.1969Pop
3:19 minutesFrom the Album His Greatest Hits
Stand by Me- Ben E. King - People don't just want fair weather friends. They want friends that will stay with them, even when life gets tough. In this great soul ballad, a call goes out for one that will stand by him.1961R&B
3:02 minutesFrom the Album Stand By Me
Stand By Me - Sam Cooke - Sam Cooke started as a gospel singer. This may be a love ballad, but Cooke sings it like he's in church. When he asks you to stand by him, how can you say no to a voice like that?1961R&B
3:02 minutesSam Cooke Greatest Hits
Stars Go Blue - The Corrs w/ Bono (u) - Any band that gets Bono on its record is blessed. The Corrs sing this love song over a light beat. It's a song about dancing with the one you love.2007Pop
3:58 minutesFrom the Album Dreams - The Ultimate Corrs Collection [w/bonus track]
Stealing Cinderella- Chuck Wicks - This is a country song where a guy must ask a girl's dad for her hand. It's a tough task. He's stealing Cinderella from that charmed girl's father. The lyric recounts all of her growing up experiences.2009 Country
4:03 minutesFrom the Album Starting Now
Still Fighting It- Ben Folds - Everybody knows it hurts to grow up." Ben Folds sings this song about growing up and growing older. He's still fighting it. But it's a fight he'll never win. He'll grow up, clawing and screaming.2001Pop
4:25 minutesFrom the Album Rockin' The Suburbs
Stranger on the Shore - Acker Bilk - With its clarinet melody, this song is a moody tune. However, it's a sweet mood. It also features strings and is sure to touch a warm nerve.2009Pop
3:05 minutesFrom the Album Stranger On The Shore
Summertime - Fantasia Barrino - Fantasia sang this Gershwin song on American Idol. It's about summertime down south. "Summertime/And the living is easy," this jazzy ballad goes.2006R&B4:00 minutes
Sunrise Sunset - From "Fiddler on the Roof" - We can't imagine children growing up. This song from Fiddler on the Roof" deals with such questions. We imagine they're still kids. However, we need to admit that they've grown up.2008Soundtracks
3:51 minutesFrom the Album Fiddler on The Roof
Sunshine on My Shoulders - John Denver - John Denver contributed this song to a TV movie about a woman that dies of cancer. It's a love song, yes. It's also a song about the joys of nature. John Denver was always a nature guy.2005Pop5:13 minutesFrom the Album John Denver's Greatest Hits
Surfer Girl- Beach Boys - Surfer Girl" was one of the first songs Brian Wilson wrote. This was not a song about the joys of surfing. Instead, it was a love song to a surfing girl. The family band harmonies on it are amazingly good, too.1963Rock
Surf rock
2:00 minutesFrom the Album Surfer Girl (Mono & Stereo Remaster)
From the Album The Beach Boys and Jan & Dean
Sweet Child 'O Mine- Guns & Roses - Axl Rose is not the most tender guy in the world. However, this sweet song brings out the softness in an otherwise hard man. Slash's guitar intro also one of his best. Its what makes this song instantly recognizable.2004Rock
5:55 minutesFrom the Album Greatest Hits [Explicit]
Sweet Child of Mine - Sheryl Crow - Sheryl Crow takes a more acoustic, folky-take on the Guns N' Roses hit. Instead of a lot of electric guitar, it features more acoustic guitar. It's a kinder, gentler version.2004Pop
3:50 minutesFrom the Album The Globe Sessions
Sweet Pea- Amos Lee - Sweet Pea" by Amos Lee is an old time jazz song. It's a song of love. "You're the only reason I keep on comin' home," he sings. It's a happy love song.2006Pop
2:09 minutesFrom the Album Supply And Demand
Sweetheart- Frankie and the Knockouts - When somebody calls you "sweetheart," you're something special. Frankie and the Knockouts sings this soul-rocker to his sweetheart. Through both good and bad, she'll always be the sweet one.1981Pop rock4:00 minutesThe Sweetheart Collection
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