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Taking You Home - Don Henley
With this song, Don Henley has found love like he's never had before. The acting of taking a woman home is a big step. It means she's the one. Henley is so great at singing emotional ballads, and this is another good one.
Tangled Up Puppet - Harry Chapin
Harry Chapin feels like a tangled up puppet when he thinks about his grown up child. He sings it with that heart-on-his-sleeves voice of his that always gets straight to the heart. He truly loved.
Teach Your Children Well - Crosby, Stills
The '60s was a time for the young. Yet these folk rockers knew there would come a time when they'd be parents with children of their own. They weren't all that happy with their parent's generation, so this is a song about not making the same mistakes their parents made.
Tenderness On The Block - Shawn Colvin
*Warren Zevon?* This song talks about a girl growing up. It has a light stepping beat. "She has a young man waiting," its lyric says. Warren Zevon didn't sing with too much sweetness. This song is an exception, though.
Thank God For Kids - The Oak Ridge Boys
This is a song associated with Christmas. It's at Christmas, after all when the kid in all of us comes out. The Oak Ridge Boys take time to thank the Good Lord for all the great kids in our lives.
Thank Heaven for Little Girls- Merle Haggard
Merle Haggard sings this oldie with a country feel. Haggard has always had a good grip on history, though. He dearly loves little girls.
Thank Heaven for Little Girls - Gigi
This song says thank heaven for little girls, not because they stay that way, oh now. We're thankful for girls because they grow up into big girls one day. It's like being thankful for the seed that will one day become a beautiful plant.
Thank You - Dido
Dido sings about a day that starts out badly. But the picture of her loved one on the wall reminds her that life is not so bad. The song has a minimal dance beat.
Thank You For Being A Friend- Andrew Gold
We have many friends in our lives, but we rarely thank them for their friendship. People don't have to be friends with you if they don't want to, you know. Friendship is such a special thankful. We should all be grateful for it.
Thank You for Loving Me - Bon Jovi
The Jersey rocker, Bon Jovi, tones down the hard rocking to sing this ballad. He's thankful that another has loved him. Even when he wasn't always the best guy, the lyric tells us, she still loved him.
Stars - Janis Ian
*Stars* Janis Ian sings this song like she sings most songs. She has a quivering voice, which goes over finger picked acoustic guitar. She really gets our attention with her quiet musical manner.
Thanks Again - Ricky Skaggs
Ricky Skaggs uses this song to say how special his parents are. He's sent cards and all that, but all those attempts fell short. He knows he's put his parents through a lot. He's thankful for what they've done for him. It's a quiet, acoustic song.
That's my job - Conway Twitty
Conway Twitty sings this song about his dad. His dad did so much for him. However, his dad didn't think loving his son was too much work. It was just his job.
The Arms of The One Who Loves You - Xscape
This 1998 song by Xscape sing about when times get bad. When they get hard, you can always run the arms of the one who loves you. It's a quiet soul song.
The Best - Tina Turner
The subject of this song is the best person the singer ever found. Tina Turner's not bad herself, so this guy better be fantastic. The track has one of those big production, shiny '80s pop arrangements.
The Best Day- Taylor Swift
The best day is one where you can spend it with your best friend. Taylor sings it as a teen that somehow recognizes how good she has it early on. If only more teens were like her sometimes.
The Blower's Daughter - Damien Rice
This is a slow, acoustic song. Rice sings it over acoustic guitar, which is augmented with strings. He's got a way of quietly keeping your attention.
The dance - Garth brooks
Garth Brooks sings with appreciation for the good he's received from a relationship. He never thought it would end. Nevertheless, he's thankful for the good the dance brought him. He's glad for both the good and the bad, as they're all a part of the dance.
The Father of Girls - Perry Como
Mr. Relaxation, Perry Como, sings about what it's like to be the father of girls. It's a special duty. Watching them grow up is worth all the worry and fret, though, because they grow up to be beautiful women.
The Final Countdown - Europe
This is an overly dramatic song about the end of the world. It's a rock song, but it has a big synth part. Counting down to things is usually fun. This is not that kind of counting, though.
The First Time - Leona Lewis
*The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face?* This song is all about love at first sight. It happens, you know. It's a slow, thoughtful ballad. It's a powerful memory.
The Glory of Love - Bette Midler
That's the story/That's the glory of love," Bette Midler sings. It's a big ballad. Midler sings it beautifully over strings. She also invests the song with all its necessary drama.
The Greatest Reward - Celine Dion
True love is reward itself. That's what Dion is singing here. Material stuff doesn't compare to be rewarded with love.
The Heart Of Every Girl - Elton John
This swinging song finds Elton John singing about what's in a girl's heart. All girls are different. However, all girls share some traits in common.
The Hope Chest Song - Stephanie Bentley
Hope chests are what girls keep and save for the home and family they'll one day have. After that wedding day, that box can be opened. Hopefully, the girl has found the man of her dreams.
The House that Built Me- Miranda Lambert
Places hold a special place in our hearts. Sometimes visiting old stomping grounds brings out something emotional in us. This quiet, reflective song finds Miranda Lambert visiting an old house. All those memories came flooding back the moment she walked on that important property.
The Innocent Age - Dan Fogelberg
Childhood is the innocent age. This folk song tells of that age. It passes so fast. Yet some of it can still stay with us.
The Keeper Of The Stars-New Single Version- Tracy Byrd
I tip my hat to the keeper of the stars," Lawrence sings. It's praise to God for joining two people together. This is a lovely, slow country song.
The Last Farewell - Roger Whittaker
This Roger Whittaker song concerns saying goodbye during wartime. Saying goodbye then is always hard. You may not see loved ones ever again. It's a sweet story song.
The Long And Winding Road - The Beatles
Reuniting with someone can be a long journey. The long and winding road The Beatles sing about is the path that brings them back to the one they love. It's a big, orchestrated song. It's also sung by Paul McCartney.
The Men In My Little Girls Life - Mike Douglas
Mike Douglas is best known as a daytime talk show host. This song, half-sung, half-spoken, talks about his little girl and the goys she meets. Dad's must deal with the fact that their little girls will one day fall in love with men.
The Most Beautiful Girl - Charlie Rich
Charlie Rich, the Silver Fox, had a hit with this post-breakup song. He sings it like a lost dog poster, only he's lost something more special than any pooch. In fact, he's lost the most beautiful girl in the world. If you happen to see her, he has a few apologetic words he'd like you to give her.
The One He Kept For Me - Maurette Brown Clark
This song talks about the man kept for this woman. It's sung from a spiritual perspective. Some think finding love is luck. This song suggests it's God's plan. It's a soulful ballad.
The Prayer - Josh Groban
Groban duets with Celine Dion on this prayful ballad. They're both hopeless romantics. This song is saturated with romance.
The River - Garth Brooks
Scott Mcreery also sang this Garth Brooks-associated song on American Idol. It tells about the river of life. It's all about making the best of life.
The Things We've Handed Down - Marc Cohn
The Things We've Handed Down" is a song that wonders about God. It's a gentle electric piano ballad about the traits we pass on to our children. Marc Cohn has a wonderful way with a thoughtful song.
The time of my life - David Cook
There are moments in life where people need to put up or shut up. This David Cook pop song is about that time in his life. He needs to go for it. He needs to take a chance on himself.
The Way You Do The Things You Do- Temptations
Some girls are just wonder women. This song, which Smokey Robinson wrote for The Temptations, talks about a girl who probably could have been anything she wanted to be. She's just the best, and he can tell by the way she does the things she does.
The Times Of Your Life - Paul Ankay
On "The Times Of Your Life," Paul Anka looks back on the many memories in life. This is a song that advises focus on the positive times. Sure, we can think about a lot of things. Why not recall the highlights, though?
The Way You Look Tonight- Frank SinatraFrank Sinatra uses the vision of a beautiful woman as a vision that will one day bring him up when he's down. It's a bouncy big band song, with a fine combination of strings and horns. It's also perfectly sung by Sinatra.
The Wedding Song- Captain & TennilleThe Wedding Song (There Is Love)" is an old standby wedding song. It takes the Biblical description of love, and puts it to song. This version features piano, strings and Tennille's lovely singing.
The Wind Beneath My Wings- Gary MorrisSome people are just so special. This song refers to another as the wind beneath their wings. In other words, they carry person. Now that's a good friend!
The Wonder of You - Elvis PresleyThe people in our lives that are there to be caring and understanding are wonderful. Elvis sings a song about just such a person. With its old school '50s sounding backing, The King sings about just such a person in his life.
Then They Do- Trace AdkinsCountry singer sings about how quickly children grow up. It's filled with memories about what happens in their lives. The track is a quiet piano song. Adkins sings it with great emotion.
There Goes My Life- Kenny ChesneyKenny Chesney sings this country song about how a baby girl can change a guys life. What begins as a seeming mistake turns out to be the greatest thing that ever happened to him. Sometimes we need to wait and see what changes to our lives. Sometimes what seems to be bad at first, turns out to be a good thing in the end.
There She Goes- Sixpence None the RicherThere She Goes" by Sixpence None the Richer is actually a cover of British group's song. It's got a great melody. It also has a light beat. In other words, it just makes you feel good.
There You'll Be- Faith HillTaken from the movie Pearl Harbor, this song talks about keeping a loved one in the heart. Faith Hill sings about holding a memory close, wherever she goes. It's a big, pop ballad, which Hill sings perfectly.
There's a Hero - Billy GilmanBilly Gilman was just a young boy when he sang this ballad. Yet he sang it well. This song's lyric speaks about the unsung heroes in our world. They're not just the sports stars.
Three Little Birds - Bob MarleyWith its opening lines, "Don't worry about a thing/'Cause every little thing's gonna be alright," this is a reggae song of encouragement. Marley sings these positive words with authority. If Bob says everything will be okay, who are we to argue with him?
Through The Years - Kenny RogersKenny Rogers looks back over the time he's been together with a woman. This woman has never let him down. She's turned his life around. This ballad pays her a fitting tribute.
Time In Bottle- Jim CroceTime is so precious. It seems we never have enough of it. In some relationships, we simply can't spend enough time together. Jim Croce, in this song, wishes he could save a little of that time in a bottle.
Time of Your Life - Green DayThis acoustic guitar song shows the quieter side Green Day. "I hope you have the time of your life," the band sings. It's a reminder to enjoy life. Don't let the years speed by without appreciating them.
Time to Say Goodbye- Andrea BocelliSarah Brightman sings this pop-classical ballad, "Time to Say Goodbye," with Andrea Bocelli. It's a slow, thoughtful ballad. It's an emotional, pivotal moment in song.
Tiny Dancer - Elton John"Tiny Dancer" is a '70s character portrait. She's a seamstress for a band. The song played a big role in the film Almost Famous. With its pedal steel guitar part, it also has a country feel.
To sir with love- LuluTo Sir With Love" is a pretty song of affection. Lulu sings it over orchestration. It's the kind of song that expresses love and appreciation.
Tough Little Boys- Gary AllanKids act tough when they're kids. They grow up to be dads, which turn in to babies again. That's what happens according to this Gary Allan country ballad.
True Love Ways - Buddy HollyWhile Buddy Holly is one of the pioneers of rock & roll, this sweet ballad is also one of his best. It comes off particularly well in the movie The Buddy Holly Story. Lovers just have a language between them. These are their true love ways.
Tupelo Honey - Van MorrisonVan Morrison sings a soul song about a girl that's as sweet as Tupelo honey. Honey is one of the sweetest things on Earth. Therefore, this girl must be like sugar to him.
Turn Around- Harry BelafonteThe great Harry Belafonte sings about how quickly kids grow. They go from children to adults in no time. Belafonte sings it over a mostly acoustic guitar arrangement.
Turn Around - Kingston TrioThe folk trio Kingston Trio sing with three part harmony this song about the swift growth of children. A girl becomes a woman before we know it. We may think this growth takes a long time, but it really doesn't.
Turn Around (Where Are You Going, My Little One) - Nancy GriffithNanci Griffith gives this song about young women growing up a country-folk feel. Griffith takes it slowly, with a gentle quiver in her voice. It's as if by singing it slowly she's trying to slow down time's speedy movement.
Tuxedo Junction - Glenn MillerThis Glenn Miller song is slightly jumping, but much more bluesy big band instrumental. The horns playfully lay down the melody. It's a nice dance song. It's quite smooth.
Twilight Time - The PlattersTwilight Time" is that romantic time. That's so, if The Platters are to be believed. Sung with warm feeling over an unobtrusive orchestrated track, this will make you long to be with your loved one right as the sun's about to go down.
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