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You Can't Hide Beautiful- Aaron Lines
When someone has true beauty, it can't be hidden. However, who would really want to hide that? This country ballad celebrates a woman's natural beauty.
You Decorated My Life- Kenny Rogers
Some guys search for a trophy wife. Kenny Rogers, however, finds someone that decorates his life with goodness. This woman makes Kenny Rogers even better looking, if that's even possible.
You Decorated My Life- Kenny Rogers
Sometimes a partner wants to let go and leave a relationship. Jessica Simpson reminds with this dramatic ballad that there's always time to change your mind. You can grab that hand again.
You Light Up My Life- LeAnn Rimes
LeAnne Rimes sings a faithful cover of Debbie Boone's "You Light Up My Life." The song is mainly a piano ballad. Rimes' version includes pedal steel guitar. She's a country singer, after all.
You Light Up My Life - Debbie Boone
Debbie Boone had the original hit with this song. It was the title song to a movie. Boone said at the time that she was singing it to God. Whether it's to God or a mate, it's a great ballad affirmation of one that brings luminance to a life.
You Look So Good in Love - George Strait
George Strait sees his ex with another man. It's hard to see her with another. Yet this country ballad reminds us that his woman still looks good -- even in love with another.
You Needed Me - Anne murray
Being needed is nearly the same thing as being loved. One needs to feel like their mate needs them. Canadian Anne Murray sings about such needy -- in the best sense of the word -- love, in this '70s ballad.
You Raise Me up- Josh Groban
Josh Groban gives this uplifting ballad a lovely Celtic feel. "You raise me up so I can stand on mountains," he sings on this song. "I am strong when I am on you shoulders," tells just how important such a true friend can be.
You Raise Me Up - Westlife
Westlife's version of this song is a simple, straightforward ballad. It begins with a basic piano part. It builds to a big climax, though.
You Sang To Me - Marc Anthony
Marc Anthony expresses the love he feels in a way all musicians understand. He describes it as being sung to. This pop-soul song expresses appreciation.
You Sang To Me - Marc Anthony
Where does Sam Cooke go when his lover sends him? He's probably going to a great place. This sweet soul oldie finds Cooke singing like the wonderful singer he was.
You Will Always Be A Child - Ray Boltz
Ray Boltz reminds us with this ballad that we'll always see our offspring as children. It also reminds us that the child remains alive in us. This is a soft ballad.
You'll Always Be My Baby - Sarah Evans
In both good and bad weather, emotionally speaking, fathers always think of their girls as their baby. This Sara Evans sings this that details the life of a girl. She thinks she let her dad down, but he reminds her he'll always love her in this country ballad.
You'll Be In My Heart- Phil Collins
You'll Be In My Heart" is a ballad from the Tarzan soundtrack. Phil Collins sings it. It's about how his arms will keep his child safe and warm.
your going to miss this - Trace Atkins
Trace Adkins sings a song about treasuring the great moments in life. You may not enjoy them when they happen. Later, though, you'll miss 'em. You'll even wish you had 'em back.
Your Joy - Chrisette Michele
Chrisette Michele has a beautiful, Roberta Flack-like voice. She sings this quiet soul song with sincere feeling. It has mainly acoustic guitar. It tells how one person knows her the best.
Friends and Angels - Gloria Sklerov & Barbara Rothstein
This song compares friends to angels. Angels don't look for credit. Instead, they're there. This song describes friends as quiet helpers.
You're My Hero - Teresa James
Teresa James sings this tribute to dads. It's a ballad that tells of how this fatherly hero chased monsters out of her room. Of course, as she got older, the job he had to do in her life was even bigger than any monster.
You're My little Girl- Go Fish
This Go Fish song is vocals only. It's a love song to a little girl. It's a dad's way of saying he loves her. He'll always be there for her.
You're Still You - Josh Groban
Someone that sticks around is a blessing. Josh Groban sings that he'll believe in this girl, even though she's never asked him to. That's true love.
You're The Inspiration- Chicago
Chicago was a real hit machine in the '70s and '80s. This song talks about how a mate can be more than just a lover. This person can also inspire another to do greater things.
You've Got A Friend- James Taylor
James Taylor sings a lovely ballad about friendship with "You've Got A Friend." It's almost a gospel song. It's one thing to have friends. It's quite another thing to remind friends of friendship. This song is a musical reminder to tell the ones we love that we love them.
You've got a Friend in Me - Randy Newman
This Randy Newman song comes from the Toy Story movie. That movie was about more than just toys, though. It was also about friendship. This song's a declaration of friendship.
You've got a Friend in Me - Randy Newman
This Sawyer Brown piano ballad tells of how it's so necessary to treat a woman well. If you don't, it could ruin her. It's about sticking to love, even when things get bad.
Zach Gill - Watch Them Grow
This song about watching a girl grow up is a simple piano ballad. It has a slight groove to it. It's sung with warm loving feeling.
Zoe Jane – Staind
This is a rock ballad. It's sung from the perspective of a father to a child. It goes from soft parts to loud parts, back and forth again.
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