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An excellent father/daughter dance song that emphasizes the importance of people remaining true to themselves. The selection is a great way for fathers to give their daughters advice about the future. “Be Ever Wonderful” is a great way to bring a different genre into the reception.
1999R&BFrom the Album All 'N All
Beautiful In My Eyes-Joshua Kadison -

Love is unchanging. In “Beautiful In My Eyes,” beauty is in the eyes of the beholder who will forever see his loved one as a jewel. As the songwriter portrays, beauty and love will outlive life itself.
1993PopFrom the Album Painted Desert Serenade
Because of You- Tony Bennett

The company of another person makes all the difference. “Because of You” is the epitome of such concept. Although not exclusively a father/daughter dance song, the selection can be used as a means of expressing the love shared between a father and daughter.
2000PopFrom the Album The Ultimate Tony Bennett
Because You Loved Me- Celine Dion

A classic father/daughter song by Celine Dion. “Because You Loved Me” is a song of thankfulness from one person to another. The selection can be a great expression of gratefulness from the bride to her father for all of the sacrifices made over the years.
1996PopFrom the Album Falling Into You
Blackbird-The Beatles

A sending off song. “Blackbird” is a great way for a father to give his blessing in marriage. Although not necessarily the traditional father/daughter song, the song a great alternative for modern receptions.
1968Folk - RockThe Beatles
Blessed-Elton John

A song for reminiscing. “Blessed” presents a parent speaking blessings over their unborn child. The perfect father/daughter song when memories are important.
2001PopFrom the Album Love Songs
Blessing-Maura O’Connell

An Irish blessing adds a twist to the traditional wedding. The song gives advice and well wishes to the new couple. It’s the perfect gift from a father to his daughter during the dance segment.
2006FolkFrom the Album Walls And Windows
Blue Eyes-Elton John

Released in 1982 on Elton John’s Jump Up! record, “Blue Eyes” is a song that supports the idea of the eyes being the pathway to the soul. Shortly after its release, the song reached number eight in the United Kingdom and number twelve in the United States. It’s the perfect father/daughter dance song for brides with blue eyes.
2001PopFrom the Album Love Songs
Born-Over The Rhine

A song about love. “Born” is a great way of expressing mutual love on the dance floor. Regardless of insecurities, it’s important to let love shine through.
2005RockFrom the Album Live from Nowhere, Volume One
Bridge Over Troubled Water-Simon & Garfunkel

Appearing on two separate albums, “Bridge Over Troubled Water” was released on January 26, 1970. Within one month’s time the song was among the top 100 selections on the Billboard charts. The selection adds the perfect classical touch to any wedding reception.
1988PopFrom the Album Bridge Over Troubled Water
Brown Eyed Girl-Van Morrison

Written and recorded in 1967, “Brown Eyed Girl” is the alternative for brides who don’t have blue eyes. The song was released as a single and rose to the top of the Cashbox charts. Although Morrison released other songs, thing selection is considered as his signature.
2009PopFrom the Album Brown Eyed Girl
Butterfly-Corinne Bailey Rae

A great song that adds class to the reception. Although not exclusively a father/daughter song, “Butterfly” is a meaningful song that can be used as such. The memories that the artist brings to life in the song will make the segment special.
2007Rap & Hip-Hop - R & B - JazzFrom the Album Corinne Bailey Rae (2 disk set)
Butterfly Fly Away- Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus

The father/daughter duo of the year, “Butterfly Fly Away” highlights the important things that fathers do for their daughters and vice versa. Fathers calm their daughter’s fears, and daughters bring joy. “Butterfly Fly Away” will bring emotion to any father/daughter segment.
2010Pop - CountryFrom the Album 2010 Hot Hits vol 2
Butterfly Kisses-Bob Carlisle

An all time classic, “Butterfly Kisses” is a father’s story of love. The song begins with her as a child and progresses to the wedding day. Surrounding special kisses, Bob Carlisle is famous for this selection.
1995Christian & GospelFrom the Album Butterfly Kisses & Bedtime Prayers
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