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Can You Feel the Love Tonight-Elton John

Best known for its Lion King debut, “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” is an Oscar winning song. The song was recomposed in 2003 to fit a special edition Lion King soundtrack. It’s the perfect song for classic receptions and father/daughter dance segments.
1994Broadway & Vocalists
Classic Rock
4:01 minutes
From the Album The Lion King
Candle on the Water-Helen Reddy

A father’s support is always available to his daughter. Helen Reddy makes this point clear in her selection when she equates him with a candle. The song is the perfect reminder that parents will always serve as guides to their children.
2012Children's Music
3:05 minutesFrom the Album Pete's Dragon
Can’t Help Falling In Love-Elvis Presley

A pop song written by several composers, “Can’t Help Falling in Love” was first performed by Elvis Presley. The song was later picked up by other American and British artists and became excessively popular. During its popularity, it gained a spot on the 1961 film, Blue Hawaii.
1961Pop3:02 minutesFrom the Album The 50 Greatest Love Songs
Cawaale Adan-Album Tusmo

Adding culture to the reception, “Cawaale Adan” is a Somalian selection that has gained popularity. It is perfect for the traditional African wedding and a great twist for American receptions. Although not ideal for the initial father/daughter dance selection, the song is a great transition into another portion of the reception.
UnkSomalian, Traditional, Dance, Folk6:31 MinutesAlthough not ideal for the initial father/daughter dance selection, the song is a great transition into another portion of the reception.
Changes-Kelly and Ozzy Osbourne

Daughters are friends to their father. “Changes” is a fathers reminisce on his daughter and how much he’ll miss her now that she’s left the nest. This selection is a great transition into father/daughter dance selections.
1972Rock4:43 Minutes Live and Loud album
Child of Mine-Carole King

Carole King highlights what it means to be a parent in “Child of Mine.” Although much sacrifice is involved, children can teach parents many life lessons. The song is perfect for intimate moments between fathers and daughters.
1998Pop4:03 minutesFrom the Album Carole King: The Ode Collection
Chiquilla Bonita- Los Bukis

Another cultural song for the ethnically inclined, “Chiquilla Bonita” is a great way to spice up an average reception. Although not a classic father/daughter selection, the song is great for American brides wanting to implement the taste of Latin music in the father/daughter segment. It is also ideal for couples of Latin descent looking to stay within the realms of tradition.
20064:46 minutesLatinFrom the Album A Traves De Tus Ojos
Cinderella-Steven Curtis Chapman

Written and recorded by Christian artist, Steven Curtis Chapman, “Cinderella” is the perfect wedding song that speaks of fatherhood. In the song, Chapman emphasizes the importance of spending as much time with his daughter while she is young. The selection is perfect for the father/daughter main event.
20074:25 minutesChristian & Gospel
From the Album This Moment
Circle of Life-Elton John

A song written for The Lion King, “Circle of Life” speaks about beginnings and finding one’s way through life. Since its debut, the song has been nominated for an Academy Award and performed by several artists.
19944:51 minutesBroadway & Vocalists
Classic Rock
The selection is a great transitional song to play before the special father/daughter dance.
Cleaning This Gun-Rodney Atkins -

A twist to the traditional father/daughter song, “Cleaning This Gun” is about a protective father. Contrary to the passive dad, this father will do anything to ensure that his daughter gets the respect she deserves from boys; even if it’s cleaning his gun in front of them. The selection is a great song to play after the exclusive father/daughter dance.
20063:46 minutesCountryFrom the Album If You're Going Through Hell
Close to You-Carpenters -

A song taken from the Carpenter’s second album, “Close to You” was released in 1970. It reached 175 with Rolling Stone in 2003 and was recognized as being a part of one of the greatest albums of all time. “Close to You” reminisces about a child’s birth and is great for the father/daughter segment.
19704:36 minutesPop
From the Album Close To You
Name: (They Long to Be) Close to You
Colour My World-Chicago

“Colour My World” is a song about love. Recorded in 1970, the song is a popular slow dance that can be used for several reception moments. It is a great way for a father and daughter to share their love for one another.
19703:01 minutesRockFrom the Album Chicago IX - Chicago's Greatest Hits
Constellations-Jack Johnson

“Constellations” is a song about the stars and sun. Although the selection is centrally about outer space, it can inspire a father to think of special moments spent with his daughter. In particular, the sun set that the selection speaks of creates a great image for everyone in attendance at the reception.
20053:21 minutesRock
From the Album In Between Dreams
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