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Easy Silence-Dixie Chicks “Easy Silence” is a great way for daughters to express gratitude for the peace that fathers give. The song highlights the calmness that comes over anyone when a loved one is near. Father/daughter segments will benefit from the selection’s lyrics.
Embrace of the Father & Bride-Shaun Loughrey

An ideal father/daughter dance song, “Embrace of the Father & Bride” is a traditional Irish selection. Aside from being a perfect fit for the segment, the selection is a great way to bring culture to the reception. The song is also great for Irish families wishing to remain true to cultural roots.
Embraceable You-Gershwin An all time classic, “Embraceable You” was originally written for an operetta. After gaining much popularity, the song was produced and used for a famous Broadway show. A classical reception deserves a classical selection such as this.
Es Mi Nina Bonita-Juan Legido The perfect Latin song for a Latin wedding. “Es Mi Nina Bonita” is a great way to stay true to traditional roots. The song is also a good way to add culture to the father/daughter segment.
Every Breath You Take-The Police Released in 1983, “Every Breath You Take” is from the band’s Synchronicity album. The song is great for weddings and other special events. Since its debut, it has ranked well with Rolling Stone and the Billboards.
Every Time I Close My Eyes-Babyface Written and performed by Babyface, “Every Time I Close My Eyes” is a great song for lasting memories. Released in 1997, the song reached number six on the Billboards and grew to be one of the most critically acclaimed selection of the 1990′s. The song is great for fathers and daughters alike.
Every Time We Say Goodbye-Ella Fitzgerald, Ray Charles, Natalie Cole, Annie Lennox “Every Time We Say Goodbye” is an excellent sending away song for fathers. Although they are sad to see their daughters leave the nest, fathers are willing to be unhappy to satisfy their children. Regardless, the father still dies a little after giving his daughter away on her wedding day.
Everybody’s Free- Quindon Tarver Although not the ideal song for the initial segment, “Everybody’s Free” can be used during the father/daughter dance. The song speaks of freedom, and how everyone is liberal to live as they please. Since the song is not solely speaking of fathers and their daughters it may be fitting for a second or third selection within the segment.
Everyday-Buddy Holly Released in 1957, “Everyday” is an all time classic. The song was ranked among Rolling Stones 500 best songs of all time, and is played at numerous weddings. Any selection from Buddy Holly will add a special tough to the father/daughter dance segment.
Eye in the Sky-Alan Parsons Project Released in 1982, “Eye in the Sky” is one of many unique songs on Alan Parson’s project. Since its debut, the project has reached platinum status and has ranked high on various charts. The song is perfect for edgy brides looking to spice up the father/daughter segment.
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