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Father & Daughter-Simon & Garfunkel The ideal father/daughter dance song, Paul Simon captures the essence of a real father. Although he has give her away at the ceremony, a true father will always be available to his daughter. The selection is perfect for fathers looking for a final moment with his daughter before sending her off.
Father Dance- Buffery Kisses A popular father/daughter dance song, “Father Dance” is great for traditional receptions. Memories of childhood and special moments will evoke emotion from guests and make the segment special for the bride. The song is also ideal for modern receptions.
Father Daughter Harmony-Phil Keaggy There is nothing greater than harmony between a father daughter. “Father Daughter Harmony” describes the positive effects of such unity. The song is perfect for special moments between fathers and daughters.
Father Figure-George Michael Released in 1988, “Father Figure” is a part of the album entitled Faith. Since its debut, the song has been number one among critics and the common audience. The selection is perfect for brides whose biological fathers are unknown or deceased.
Father of the Bride-Mike Douglas “Father of the Bride” is the ideal song for father/daughter dances. The song will revitalize childhood memories and create a special bond on the dance floor. Brides having a traditional reception will enjoy this song.
Father’s Eyes-Amy Grant “Father’s Eyes” is a daughter’s request to be like her father. In particular, the daughter hopes to have her father’s eyes. Since the eyes are the pathway to the soul, having her father’s eyes brings positivity.
Father’s Love-Bob Carlisle A song written by a father for his children. The selection was featured in Jack Frost and became popular among families. “Father’s Love” is a great father/daughter selection.
Easy Silence-Dixie Chicks A father’s advice is priceless. “Find Your Wings” is a great way for fathers to give final blessings and admonishment. The song is fitting for any reception setting.
Fire and Rain-James Taylor Released in 1970, “Fire and Rain” is a rock song with the spirit of folklore intertwined. Since its debut, the song has reached number one on Billboard charts and served as inspiration to new artists. “Fire and Rain” will add an edgy twist to the father/daughter segment.
Fix You- Coldplay “Fix You” can be found on the album entitled X&Y. Released in 2005, the song has become increasingly popular in the United Kingdom. Nominated for multiple awards, the song received praise from critics and adds a great balance to any wedding reception.
Fly Me to The Moon-Frank Sinatra First recorded in 1954, “Fly Me to the Moon” is an all time classic. Originally named “In Other Words,” the song was renamed after being identified as “Fly Me to the Moon” by fans. The selection is perfect for father/daughter dance segments.
Flying Without Wings-Ruben Studdard Season two American Idol winner, Ruben Studdard delivers a hit that sparks emotion among listeners. With its mellow music and soothing lyrics, the song is great for father/daughter dance segments. Fathers, daughters, and guests will enjoy a refreshing selection from Ruben Studdard.
For Rosanna-Chris De Burgh A song written for a special girl. “For Rosanna” is a father’s recollection of his daughter’s birth. Among other things, the song highlights the joy that the dad felt when he first saw his bundle of joy.
Forever-John Stamos and The Beach Boys Released in 1970, “Forever” is a part of the album entitled Sunflower. Since its debut, the song has been recreated and featured on several modern day albums. The selection is great for father/daughter segments.
Forever Young-Rod Stewart Released in 1988, “Forever Young” is the second single released by Rod Stewart. Since its debut, the album has gained immense popularity and reached the top of various charts. The song adds class to father/daughter segments.
Friend to Me-Garth Brooks Aside from having the traditional roles of parent and child, fathers and daughters are also friends. “A Friend to Me” discusses such friendship in a comical way. Although the two don’t always agree, a father and daughter have an unshakable friendship that will last for ages.
Funny Face-Fred Astaire Sometimes fathers get amusement from their daughter’s face. “Funny Face” is the selection that connects a father and daughter’s countenance. The song is a great way to lighten up the father/daughter moment.
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