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Glory of Love-Peter Cetera
Released in 1986, “Glory of Love” is a number one hit. Since its debut, the single has reached the top of popular culture charts, and become a favorite among critics. The song will add the classical element to any father/daughter segment.
The perfect sending away song, “Go” highlights everything that a father and daughter would want to say on wedding day. The single allows the daughter to express gratitude and the father to give words of wisdom. When combined with the right atmosphere, the single is liable to create something special.
God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You-N Sync
A great song for love. N Sync creates a selection that is perfect for any reception segment. The song is perfect for fathers wishing to give special love to their daughters on wedding day.
God Only Knows-Beach Boys
The eighth track on the album, Pet Sounds, “God Only Knows” is a Rolling Stone favorite. The song expresses immense love and everything else a father would want to say to his daughter on her special day. Featuring such song during the father/daughter segment would make the reception complete.
Godfather Waltz-The Godfather Soundtrack
A great song for for Godfathers. “Godfather Waltz” is the ideal song when dads are not available for the father/daughter segment. The song is perfect for brides without fathers who don’t want to miss the special moment.
Good Man-India Arie
Some brides have lost their fathers to death. For these women, it can be difficult to endure the father/daughter segment even if dancing with a father figure. “Good Man” is the ideal song for brides who wish to keep their father’s legacy alive.
Gracie-Ben Folds
Wedding ceremonies bring back memories of birth. “Gracie” is a father’s reminisce about his daughter’s life from birth to present. The song is the ideal father/daughter dance selection.
Greatest Love Of All, The-Whitney Houston
Originally written for a motion picture, “Greatest Love of All” is a hit single. Popularized by Whitney Houston in 1986, the song speaks of love triumphing over all obstacles. Among other things, the selection is a great way for fathers to give final advice before sending their daughters off.
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