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Just Breathe-Pearl Jam
Nerves sometimes get the best of us. We want everything to go well, so we panic at every inconvenience. Sometimes, especially on wedding days, we need to just breathe.
Just The Way You Are-Billy Joel
Billy Joel is a profound singer. “Just The Way You Are” encourages people to be themselves. Although a mask works for some occasions, it’s best to let people love you for who you are. The song gives advice that any father would want to give his daughter on wedding day.
Just Want To Dance With You-George Strait
George Strait is famous for his vocals. “Just Want To Dance With You” features him at his best. The song is perfect for fathers and daughters looking for simplicity during their special segment.
Keeper of the Stars-Tracy Byrd
Some songs have a sense of uniqueness attached to them. “Keeper of the Stars” is one of those songs that adds mystery to occasions. The song is great for father/daughter segments.
Kind and Generous-Natalie Merchant
It’s always good to tell the other party how you feel about them. Natalie Merchant simplifies everything with “Kind and Generous.” The song is a great way for fathers and daughters to share a moment of intimacy on the dance floor.
Kiss By A Rose-Seal
Daughters are precious to their fathers. A rose is delegate and beautiful. “Kiss By A Rose” combines the elegance of a rose and the specialness of daughters. The song is a great father/daughter dance song.
Known Only To Him-Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley was a profound singer and actor. Among his famous songs, “Known Only To Him” speaks to the heart. The selection is perfect for father/daughter dance segments.
Lady-Kenny Rogers
Kenny Rogers is a profound singer. “Lady” is a simple song that describes the perfect woman. The selection is great for fathers who view their daughters as model citizens.
Landslide-Fleetwood Mac
Fleetwood Mac brings a unique sound to the recording industry. “Landslide” is one of many songs that has a hidden meaning behind the lyrics. The song is great for modern receptions.
Last Mango in Paris-Jimmy Buffett
Jimmy Buffett is a great singer. “Last Mango in Paris” expresses uniqueness and elegance. The song is perfect for fathers who view their daughters as jewels.
Lean on Me-Bill Withers
“Lean on Me” has become an all time favorite among critics and commoners. Since its debut, the song has been sang by several artists and featured in numerous films. The selection is sure to get the reception crowd involved.
Less Than The Song-Joan Baez
Joan Baez is a great vocalist. “Less Than The Song” identifies everything that should be said during a special occasion. The selection is perfect for father/daughter dance segments.
Let It Be-Beatles
The Beatles are profound singers. “Let Is Be” is one of their many hits that has become famous. The song is great for wedding receptions.
Let Them Be Little-Billy Dean
Childhood is a time to cherish. Although many children wish to grow up fast, parents hope that their kids will remain little forever. “Let Them Be Little” is perfect for fathers who will never see their children as adults.
Letting Go-Suzy Bogguss
Releasing someone is the hardest thing to do in a relationship. Suzy Bogguss highlights such difficulty in her song, “Letting Go.” Although allowing children to move on is hard, fathers who give their blessing ease the pain of release.
Little Miss Magic-Jimmy Buffett
Some fathers view their daughters as extraordinary. “Little Miss Magic” talks about such uniqueness in a positive light. The song is sure to bring magic to the dance floor.
Little Surfer Girl-Beach Boys
The Beach Boys are famous for their singing and acting abilities. “Little Surfer Girl” places a twist on the traditional father/daughter relationship. The song is ideal for modern receptions.
Longer-Dan Fogelberg
Dan Fogelberg is a prolific singer. “Longer” covers everything from childhood to adult life. The song is perfect for fathers and daughters looking to reminisce.
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